We at Drömtrappor are celebrating 100 years!

Since 1923, we have manufactured stairs in Norsjö and have since then been part of the town, as a large employer but also as part of society. It started as Böle Snickerifabrik, which then became Trätrappor and now under the name Drömtrappor.

After all, the forest is a prerequisite for production and has also offered both work and recreation for the people here, but also a very fine raw material - and the fact that the forest has always been central has also meant that the knowledge of the craftsmanship in woodworking has grown strong and has been an important reason why Drömtrappor as a company has also stayed in this small community in Västerbotten since its inception.

Competence and drive are a prerequisite. We push ourselves to constantly develop in order to earn another 100 years as a market leader in the industry, says Johan Jonsson, CEO at Drömtrappor.

During the last century, Drömtrappor has built up a solid and well-trimmed organization with sales channels throughout the country, but the heart - the production unit - is in Norsjö. The company has a strong desire to continue to be the leading stair manufacturer in the Nordics for the next 100 years and is prepared to invest in both technology and competence, but also in new collaborations and new markets.

A collaboration that drew attention this year is with Alexander Lervik, a well-known Swedish furniture and interior designer.

- The first time I visited Drömtrappor, I actually got goosebumps when I saw the hands-on work that takes place in the factory and the great professional knowledge that prevails among their employees. It was through them that I figured out how we could make the Hemvist a flexible staircase that can be specially adapted and at the same time put into series production. The fact that most of the wood also comes from the forests in the area makes Drömtrappor a fantastic company to work with, says Alexander.

"Based on the furniture history of the 20th century and a focus on craftsmanship and details, Alexander Lervik has created a collection together with us that celebrates our history and explores the limits of what we call furniture. Feels incredibly exciting and the right step to take this year!” continues Johan Jonsson

It is therefore about an active decision to try to change the view of the staircase - to make the market see it more as a piece of furniture than just as a functional part.

The launch of the new staircase concept took place at the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this spring. The staircase series Hemvist and is a tribute to Drömtrappor, to their history, building traditions and craftsmanship, while exploring the limits of what we consider a piece of furniture. The Hemvist collection is not just a new product for Drömtrappor; the construction makes it possible to easily replace individual steps when they wear out, which is a completely new technology in the stair industry.

"We have every opportunity to celebrate many more anniversaries!" concludes Johan, who is both proud and impressed by what Drömtrappor has achieved over the years.

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