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We have a proud origin and safe domicile in Norsjö, which offers a combination of beautiful surroundings, nice people and exciting companies.

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In Norsjö, you get a quality of life close to work, childcare, leisure activities and friends. Here, life is a little easier to live. Norsjö is important to us. We have been here since 1923. First as Böle Snickerifabrik, then as Trätrappor and now under the name Drömtrappor. This is where we have our security.

In Norsjö, there is a genuine knowledge of wood that is difficult to find anywhere else. It is also a place characterized by positive spirit and development. Something that is at least as important because we constantly want to get better when we compete on an international playing field.

This is also why we are always interested in competent, driven and talented people who want to become our new employees. Regardless of whether you want to change jobs or have just graduated or graduated, we want you to see us as an interesting employer.

We are a world-leading company that simply wants to be the best at what we do. We want to constantly improve, develop and learn faster than our competitors.

Work with us

Drömtrappor is the Nordic region's leading manufacturer of wooden stairs with a modern production facility in Norsjö, where we also have our headquarters. Today, we are a modern manufacturing industry with a variety of skills. Over the years, our genuine craftsmanship has been supplemented with the special skills required such as construction technology, planning, design and project management.

In addition to the head office and manufacturing in Norsjö, we also have a sales office and store in Stockholm and Gothenburg. These workplaces do not offer the proximity to nature and tranquility that our head office in Norsjö does, but instead a proximity to our customers in all our segments, craftsmen, construction companies and above all private individuals. Much of the work in the store involves helping the private customer with everything from design proposals to measurement and project management of the assembly.

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If we don't have a vacancy that suits you right now, you can still send in your expression of interest to work with us. We are always interested in competent, enthusiastic and committed employees. Briefly describe what qualities and skills you can contribute and send it to Please also attach your CV.