Safety & building regulations

Sometimes we are asked to manufacture stairs with a design that deviates from the regulations. Mostly for appearance reasons. However, we have chosen to only deliver stairs that meet current safety requirements.

Stair safety is particularly close to our hearts and as an industry leader we see it as our task to lead development in the area.

All stairs that we deliver comply with the applicable standards and laws in the markets where they are sold. The rules are thus slightly different in different countries. This means that individual images on our website may therefore show designs that are only allowed in certain countries.

The regulations prohibit, for example, railings being designed so that they invite climbing. The distance between the steps and other openings must also be designed so that children cannot squeeze through and get stuck.

But you don't have to worry. We know what applies and make sure that your stairs comply with the regulations. It is also important for you because you yourself can be held responsible if you install a staircase that has safety deficiencies.

Do you want to know more about safety and stairs?

Feel free to read the Housing Authority's document on child-safe building: