Älvsbyhus staircase special

You can order custom-made railings for both the stairs and the upper floor in your house from Älvsbyhus directly from our webshop.

Maybe you have an older house from Älvsbyhus with a pine trellis that you want to replace or you are in the process of decorating the attic in your new house. Regardless, we can help. Replace your old trellis and install an external handrail in white painted pine and stainless steel handrail posts (same as in the new houses) which are available in finished measurements for both 14 and 15 step heights or order the package with handrail for the upper floor in our web shop.

The railing is available in three sizes and adapted for the right or left side of the stairs.

The picture belongs to Älvsbyhus and you can find more pictures of their house at alvsbyhus.se