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We have dealers all around Sweden, some you can visit and watch selected parts of the assortment others work only with home visits.
What they all have in common is that they can be our staircases and have fitters who are trained by us.
We also have two wholly owned stores, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg, which offers our entire range of staircases and accessories. Find the one that suits you best, book a meeting or visit us in the store. Welcome!

Drömtrappor Store

Enebybergsvägen 10b, 182 36 Danderyd
Phone: 08-588 09 000

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thu 10-16, Tue 10-18.30, Fri 10-14, lunch 12-12.30

Tagenevägen 12, 422 59 Gothenburg
Phone: 031-707 00 60

Drömtrappor Head Office

Head Office and manufacturing
Drömtrappor AB,
Snickargatan 2, 935 32 Norsjö
Phone: 0918-258 00

Phone Hours: Mon-Fri 07.00-15.00, lunch 11.00-11.45