Terms of purchase


Provisions according to ABM07 or the Consumer Purchase Act form the basis of our terms and conditions. You will always receive an offer/quote from us which you must accept via email before we consider that we have an order.

Payment terms 30 days after approved credit check. After the due date, late payment interest + reference interest is charged with 8%

The price is valid for 3 months from the date of the offer, after which the price will be adjusted based on the price level in effect at the time.

When ordering, state whether you wish to purchase the staircase(s) including assembly.


Delivery week from factory is obtained when final measurements have been sent to us at Drömtrappor AB and you have approved the control measurement drawing. The delivery time varies depending on the occupancy in our factory, but orders are always handled in the order in which they are received.

Delivery takes place as standard in flat packages and is delivered loose to buyers (LOK). If other options are desired, these agreements must be made with the responsible seller.

If the order contains more than one delivery, a delivery plan will be drawn up with reconciliation points such as the last day for final measurements. This is so that we can guarantee manufacturing and delivery times.


If assembly is included, you will be contacted by one of our assembly managers who will book an appointment. Installation assumes that the stairwell is built according to the drawing and that the following points are met; Wooden studs in wall min. cc 600. No underfloor heating where the stairs must be attached to the floor. That all adjacent walls are finished. Otherwise, the conditions in the appendix Conditions for measurement and assembly apply.

If you intend to assemble yourself, our instructions must be followed.


5 year construction warranty. Warranty on installation is only provided if one of our certified installers has carried out the work. Warranty measures for wear and tear are not carried out or paid for by Drömtrappor AB or our subcontractors. Read the care instructions for the type of finish or material you have chosen.

Payment terms

We insure all our accounts receivable with the insurance company Euler Hermes.

If insurance is granted, a 30-day credit period applies as payment terms.

If the insurance is not granted, the parent company guarantee or new financial reports can be taken in for a new assessment. If, after this, Euler Hermes is also unable to grant insurance, payment conditions are set in advance.

If credit insurance is revoked during the current contract period, we reserve the right to change payment terms.

After the due date, late payment interest + reference interest is charged with 10%


The stairs are delivered as standard in flat packages, strapped on a pallet.
When choosing factory-assembled stair treads (optional), the rails, steps and any risers are sent fully assembled in sections. Other parts are sent loose, bundled in separate packages.


Note that storage areas under dense stairs should be well ventilated.
Heat sources, e.g. water heater, should not be built in under the stairs.
Drying out the wood can cause creaking and/or cracking.