Here we have tried to collect links and documents that can be valuable tools for you as an architect or project manager. For example, Lilla Trappboken, our valued book for designing stairs.

Here you can read everything about different models, what technical requirements are placed on attachments, clearances and other things you might think about. Read more below Advice and knowledge

With us as support, you don't have to guess. We give you answers. If you do not find what you are looking for among our downloadable files below Technical information you can always contact us for free help.

Your stair delivery always includes information about the specific stair. It contains assembly instructions, care advice and some other documents that are not only useful at the time of installation. Feel free to save these together with other documentation that belongs to the house or apartment.

Please note that different surface treatments have slightly different maintenance requirements, you can read more about this under Advice and knowledge, where you will find our care advice, among other things.