Follow-up check & error reporting

Our goal is for all our customers to be satisfied with the business as a whole and their new staircase in particular. But sometimes it unfortunately goes wrong. Incorrect dimensions, transport damage or a manufacturing fault of any kind.

If you do not purchase the installation service from us or from one of our certified installers, there are some simple ways to prevent and avoid errors and ultimately a claim.

Read and follow the handling instructions.

Follow assembly instructions.
It is always included in the delivery, but if you want a preview, you can find them here.

The assembly report and inspection of stairs

The report is a checklist for the fitter. We always recommend that you take help from one of our certified installers (contact details for these can be found under the tab Contact).
But regardless of who installs, the installation report is a good help when it comes to remembering everything that can prevent future problems with the stairs.

Also read the document Inspection stairs, which is a checklist or an action plan for the follow-up inspection and inspection of our stairs.

Always follow the care instructions for just your stairs!
This document is also always included in your stair delivery.

Should there still be a problem that needs to be complained about, you do so by filling in the form here.

Fill in the fields as accurately as possible. You should do it via mobile because, when there is visible damage, we require a picture to be attached.