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When you receive a request from a customer to build a staircase, you should turn to us. It is both time-efficient and guaranteed to be profitable.

Many craftsmen today receive assignments that involve a lot of time, built-in kitchens and storage variants, e.g. The staircase is such a detail that we know many craftsmen get questions about but may not have time to do. The fact that you can carve the stairs yourself does not matter as much when time is not quite enough. If you choose to buy the staircase from us and then install it at your customer's place, the result is guaranteed to be a stylish, safe and functional staircase that your customer will be satisfied with. You and your team get more time for the other details.

Get in touch with one of our local sales offices and you will get help with both drawing up and ordering. If there is no local sales office nearby, our customer service will help with sales documents, drawings and quotations. Feel free to use our order form (which you will receive if you contact our customer service) and send us a scaled floor plan of the house and we will have what we need to give you a correct basis.

You sell and install the stairs. We manufacture it.

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    Optimal 4.15.6 in black stained ash and painted white.

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    Wardrobe solution

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    Stair renovation from Drömtrappor

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