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We offer planning support, help with options and option management as well as simple pricing and ordering of our stairs to our contract customers. Welcome to the Nordics' largest stair supplier!

We are Sweden's largest stair supplier and have agreements with many of the Swedish house manufacturers. There are almost as many variants of agreements as there are house manufacturers and it is therefore difficult to say exactly how it works. We believe that it is one of our strengths that we are actually quite flexible and have the opportunity to adapt both the standard staircase, the options and the layout based on you as a customer.

With us, you get a supplier who is comprehensive when it comes to stair solutions. We can help you with standard stairs that are exactly the same every time or a standard model that is custom-made for every order, regardless of whether your standard is basic or special (see Products/Indoor stairs). In our range you will find stairs for both the villa and the holiday home and now also attic stairs and wall hatches (MidMade).

If your customer has really specific requests, we have sales offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg that, by agreement, can help the end customer find the right one. Contact us and we will find a plan that works for you!

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  • Optimal

    Optimal 4.15.6 in black stained ash and painted white.

    Stairs with underlying handrails that have the steps mounted on supporting handrails that run under…

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  • Solid

    Staircase with glass railing

    Stairs with lateral treads have steps mounted in two load-bearing treads that run along…

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  • Vangless stairs

    Vangless stairs do not have an underlying or side-lying Vang. Usually, therefore, the ladder is mounted directly in the wall...

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  • Spiral stairs

    A spiral staircase is a delicious option for those with limited space in their home.…

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  • Loft & savings stairs

    Utilizing the ceiling height and building on or opening up a loft is a…

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  • Wardrobe solutions

    Wardrobe solution

    Today, most people are looking for efficient houses. It can apply to anything from a…

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Other assortment

  • Outdoor stairs

    We offer outdoor stairs in both steel and wood, in addition…

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  • Stair renovation

    Stair renovation from Drömtrappor

    With ReStair® stair renovation, you can easily make your stairs as…

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  • Älvsbyhus staircase special

    Custom-made railings for both the stairs and the upper floor in your…

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