Indoor stairs

We offer the widest assortment of wooden stairs on the market with everything from simpler staircases to completely customised and exclusive solutions. Our indoor stairs are build with a tradition of genuine craftsmanship with top quality in every step of the process.

Our indoor staircases comes in four design categories, Base, Premium, Special and Selected. Regardless of which type of stair you choose there is a wide range of options available. Our assortment of stairs is flexible and gives you the opportunity to create your own design. We will always find a solution that fits your home. Choose between different forms of stairs, posts, steps, railings, woods and finishes. Whatever you decide, you can always feel confident that our staircases meets the highest safety requirements. 




Den enkla vägen
till din egen drömtrappa

Det har aldrig varit enklare och tryggare att köpa en trappa. Följ bara vår guide så får du se hur smidigt det är. Vi lotsar dig fram i allt från designval till montage så att slutresultatet garanterat blir lyckat. Snabbt och enkelt hjälper dig från start till mål.


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