Before and after stair change

Staircase change with before-after images from our customers has always been one of our most appreciated departments on the site. Have you bought a staircase from the dream stairs and have your own pictures that you want to contribute, please let me know! Send an email to, attach your pictures and please write a short text about the process so you can help us to add to this page and inspire others who are looking to change the staircase.

1. “Ever since we moved into the house, I have wanted to do something about the old stairs, but I was afraid that a stair change would be a very complex procedure and impossible in our house. After a bit of research I came in contact with the Drömtrappor. They could describe the process – which turned out to be far from as advanced as I thought – and also I could adjust the stairs as I wanted it! ” Here is what interior design and lifestyle blogger Nina Holst (Stylizimo) has to say about how her staircase was changed. She had aldready sanded and treated the floor when we came into the picture and the desire was that the stairs would match her white glazed spruce floors which we matched with a white glazing on pine. The floor plan is the same as before, two stairs on top of each other from the entrance floor to the social areas on the 2nd floor and on to Nina’s work room in the loft. The choice of glass railings is about creating a restful background to the dining area and living room, but also for the light to flow as freely as possible between the three floors. Didnt it turn out was restful and yet expressive?! If you want to see more inspiring pictures from Nina’s home, we recommend a visit to her blog

After stair change, Drammen, Norway


2. Previously there was a door in front of the stairs to the basement, the old staircase of pine is dressed with the time typical plastic mat. The door to the basement is gone and lets the new staircase in white painted oak become the hallways obvious centerpiece.

Before stair change, KUNGÄLV, Gothenburg

After stair change, KUNGÄLV, Gothenburg, Solid 56.34.3


3. On some of the “before-after” you have to look several times to believe that it is the same space. This is one of those! On the ground floor the floor plan has been opened up with the staircase change. The walls around the staircase have been removed and replaced by an open staircase with underlying stringer which further reinforces the open impression. The upper floor has a much brighter expression with the new staircase, a little white color and a new wallpaper.

More pictures of this staircase model can be found in our Premium range

Before stair change, Kåge

After the stair change, Kåge


4. A classic – pine staircase dressed in needle felt that leads down to the decorated basement – had to give way for a slimmer staircase with oak steps, white stringer and stainless railing newels.

Staircase Change Skellefteå


5. Many houses in Sweden have relatively spacious halls designed to accommodate the whole family’s must-have-things but can still be experienced cramped. The type of staircase you choose greatly influences how the space is perceived. In this case, the underlying, white stringers makes all the difference.
You can find more images on the model Optimal under Base or Premium

After stair change, Optimal 4.15.1 Oak White