Spiral staircase

Spiral staircases can use a relatively small space and are a good solution when you want to use an area efficiently. Many use the spiral stairs as a beautiful architectural detail. It can be made to harmonize with all types of buildings. Keep in mind that a spiral staircase that is 120 cm wide only has about half of that width for the step itself. Spiral staircases are not the option for those who want to be able to carry furniture between the floors via the staircase.


Our two models Svinga (Premium) and Loopen (Special) are at the same time solid and exclusive spiral staircases. Loopen has a closed stringer and Svinga is stringer free. We also offer smaller steel stairs that are suitable as loft stairs. Our model Pure is available in steel in three different colors as well as a combination of steel and wood.

Spiral staircase

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