Lighting in the staircase provides several functions. On one hand, it is a decorative element that enhances the experience of a beautiful staircase. On the other Hand, the lighting also contributes to increased safety for all users of the staircase.

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Staircase with dimmable lighting in wall stringer above every two steps.

Having many sources of light helps to enhance the atmosphere. It is more effective than a few lamps. In a staircase this becomes particularly important as the stairwells are often high and require lamps with high power if they hang from the ceiling.

By mounting illumination along the entire length of the staircase, either recessed into the wall, the staircase’s wall mounted stringer (some models) or in some other way, so that the lighting points are distributed along the stairs, a much better effect is achieved.

More points of light makes the space more pleasant, reduces glare risk and increases safety. Who hasn’t fumbled their way down a staircase in the dark, in the middle of the night. A mild stair lighting reduces the risk significantly.

Our lighting for closed stringer stairs is available as white or aluminum, dimmable LED light bulbs. Together with the staircase we deliver all parts to lighting kit but recommend that the installation is performed by a qualified electrician on site. Read more in our product sheet


Non-dimmable lighting kits of the type that were delivered 2017 and earlier have been discontinued by our suppliers. If you need to buy parts you can contact us. Transformers, for example, can be manufactured to order.