Lighting in the stairs fulfills several functions. On the one hand, it is a decorative element that enhances the experience of a beautiful staircase. In part, the lighting also contributes to increased safety for everyone who uses the stairs.


Staircase with dimmable lighting in the wall bracket above every second step.


Having many lighting points in each room helps to enhance the mood. It is more effective than a few lights. In a staircase, this becomes particularly important as the stairwells are often high and require lamps with high power if these hang from the ceiling.

By instead mounting lighting along the entire length of the stairs, either recessed into the wall, in the wall-mounted vang of the stairs (some models) or in another way so that the lighting points are distributed along the stairs, you achieve a significantly better effect.

It will be both more pleasant with more light points, reduced risk of glare, and then of course one should not forget the importance of lighting for safety. Who hasn't stumbled down a flight of stairs in the dark in the middle of the night because you don't want to turn on the overhead lights? Gentle stair lighting reduces that risk significantly.

Side panel lighting – Spot lighting recessed into the side panel

Our lighting for side wing stairs is available as white or aluminium-coloured, dimmable LED lamp. Together with the stairs, we supply all the parts for the lighting kit, but recommend that the installation be carried out by a qualified electrician on site. Read more in our product sheet

Non-dimmable lighting kits of the type that were delivered in 2017 and have previously been discontinued by our suppliers. If you need to buy parts, you can contact us as, for example, transformers can be manufactured to order.


Front edge lighting – LED strip in the front edge of the step or handrail

Another popular solution is to install LED strips along the steps or in the handrail. Led strips are energy efficient, have a long life and can be customized with different colors and brightness according to your own wishes.

The LED strip is delivered factory assembled in steps or guides. After stair assembly, all LED strips must be connected in parallel and connected to electricity. The delivery includes a drive with a plug that enables connection and testing of the LED strip before a qualified electrician carries out the electrical installation

Read more in our product sheet