Stair details

We offer a large selection of options and accessories. You can choose accessories and options as pure additions or as an exchange for standard parts.

The parts in the railing that we indicate with three numbers, pole.railing post.supervisor are of course interchangeable and perhaps the most obvious and the thing that makes the biggest difference. But even the small details such as the profile of the step, hidden attachment or curved side pieces are things that can do a lot for the overall impression.

Even when it comes to function, there are a lot of smart choices to be made. Carpet on the step or step prepared for carpet (that is put in place) or why not buy step protection from the factory so that you dare to walk on the stairs while still working in the rooms around the stairs? Talk to your salesperson about cover caps, cover strips, joist cladding, step guards or pre-assembled runners (finished parts that are lifted into place in the house)

On the left you will find a menu with a few different options and exchange options that you can make for the various details in your new staircase.