Handrails are available with different profiles. The last digit in our product names is also the name of the handrail that belongs to that particular model. Our Base and Premium assortment differ somewhat but remember that you can always add Base options to Premium staircase, but not the other way around.

Diffrent handrails give the staircase very different expressions. From austere minimalism to more classically traditional styles. By default, the same handrail is delivered on the wall as the one you have chosen in your ascending stair rail. If you wish to have a different profile on the wall, please state this when you submit your enquiry to us.

Rounded handrails have different dimensions as over the baluster and as a wall handrail. The handrail is Ø 50 mm to fit with the drilled balusters and the wall handrail is Ø 44 mm. The wall handrail is smaller in order to be more grip-friendly. Note that most of the images below are 3D renderings. Our handrails are made either of glued planks or of slats (rods) which means that the different parts or joints are visible.

HL1 (Base)

HL1-40×86 mm (Base)


HL7 40×86 mm (Base)


HL6 ø50/44 mm (Base)


HL3 55×70 mm (Premium)


HL7 40×40 mm (Premium)


HL20 40×40 mm, Deaf edges (Premium)


HL20 GS 40×40 mm, deaf edges for glass railings (Premium)

andknopp 1

Edge knob as a finish on a round wall handrail (HL6) is available as an option. Available in the base materials and finished in the same way as the handrail.


Here is more information on the details of the different categories;


Premium (tradition)

Premium (glass)