Our standard stringers are 40 mm (Solid) and 50 mm (Optimal), but dimensions may vary depending on the size of the staircase, the type of steps and the handrails. Straight right angles are always the starting point which means that some stairs get a "knick" so that we can keep the height of the steps equal and make the stairs easy to traverse. If you would rather get stringer curved, this is an option.

Straight or curved stringers

Straight stringers are standard but there are also curved ones that follows the ascent of the staircase in a soft way or bentwood (Custom) for round shapes.

rak vang

Straight stringers are standard whether you choose closed stringers (Solid) or open stringers Vang (Optimal) for your staircase.

Curved stringers are available as an option for Drömtrappor

Curved stringers follow the ascent of the staircase in a smooth way. Available as an option for both open and closed stringers.

Bentwood Staircase from Drömtrappor

Bentwood stringers are available in our Custom assortment. Creating bentwood is a time consuming craft but the end result is very beautiful. We offer bentwood for both open and closed stringers and of course the accompanying handrails.

Mountin, concealed attachment that provides smooth stringers.

Mountin® is a patented fitting that provides stairs with a completely smooth sides with a genuine quality design. Available as an option for most staircases with side stringers. The mounting method provides a concealed fastening under the step and aside from the aesthetic advantages, it allows for simpler and much less heavy work during the fitting. It also provides an opportunity to re-tighten the screws in the staircase after installation.

Traditionally mounted with hat plug that hides the mounting to the left, mounted to the right with Mountin.

On the left, traditional montage. Right, mounted with Mountin and has completely smooth sides.

Underside of step on staircase mounted with Mountin

The step is still attached to the stringer in the same way but instead of putting a screw straight through the stringer, the step is mounted on the special mount that sits in the stringer and is attached to the underside of the step. The hole is covered with a cover that can be detached and you will be able to retighten the staircase if necessary.


Krymling stringer or Krymling newel is very common in Denmark and Germany. This means that parts of the stringer, the inner newel and/or the handrails are bent while the other parts of the staircase are perpendicular. It provides a soft, responsive feel to an L-or U-shaped staircase.

Common Krymling options

The inner newell can be made as KRYMLINGSSTOLPE (see Alt. to the left) but also stairs without newell can be made with Krymling corners on the stringer. In both alternatives, this is a separate part used to join the two stairways with each other in the inner corner.