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Riskjær is a special staircase with railings in patterned MDF and rose in birch. The entire staircase is painted white in addition to the supervisor who is black. It is a classic combination that you can see on many older stairs and which reminds you of mansions and castles. The staircase has curved wall pieces and crimping posts (curved posts) in the inner corner which makes it feel soft and comfortable in its shape. In this particular house, there are two stairs on top of each other which are joined by a vaulted edge railing on the ground floor and terminated with a balcony on the upper floor.



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Det har aldrig varit enklare och tryggare att köpa en trappa. Följ bara vår guide så får du se hur smidigt det är. Vi lotsar dig fram i allt från designval till montage så att slutresultatet garanterat blir lyckat. Snabbt och enkelt hjälper dig från start till mål.


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