There are many expressions and words that describe different things in and around the stairs - these can also vary between different suppliers. If you think we're speaking "Greek" or that we don't understand what you mean, this can be a start, this is our stair glossary.

Child safety list

In an open staircase (without risers), a strip is mounted under each step to prevent children from getting through and getting stuck. Abbreviated b-list.

Floor joists

In the context of stairs, the joist refers to the visible edge of the opening between the floors.

Floor covering

The cladding of the opening should be carried out and planned at the same time as the staircase. On the one hand, the cladding affects the opening dimensions, and on the other hand the cladding can be manufactured so that it matches the stairs.

Floor joist opening

The opening between the floors where the stairs are located.

Block steps

The bottom step of the stairs has been made slightly wider than the others to give a more inviting feel.

Free prison

Refers to a wall piece that is not mounted against a wall.

Right-hand staircase

A staircase that, viewed from below, bends to the right is called a right-hand turn.

Interior railing

Usually refers to the railing in an inside turn.

Inner wing piece

Refers to the wing piece in the inside bend, usually hanging freely but not always.


The supervisor that is mounted on the railing posts. Designated as HL followed by a number that describes the profile.

Rail stand

Another name for the sticks (slats) in the railing. Designated as RS followed by a number that describes the design.

Handrail hanger

The rule that the railing posts stand on.

Side wing piece

See wing piece

Step profile

The front edge of the flat steps can be manufactured with different profiles.


The stronger sticks that begin, end and are mounted in any corners of the stairs. Designated as ST followed by a number that describes the design

Setting step

The vertical board between the landings of a tight staircase.

Tight stairs

Refers to a staircase with vertical boards (steps) between the flat steps.

Underlying vang

Wing piece where the ladder is attached on top of the wing.


See railing support.

Wall supervisor

Handrails that are mounted on the wall on stairs with one side running along a wall. Designated as HL followed by a number that describes the profile.

Vang / Vangpiece

The piece of wood that the ladder is attached to (or on top of). Handrails are completely missing on some stairs.

Left-turned staircase

A staircase that bends to the left when viewed from below is called a left turn.

Outer flange / Outer flange piece

Refers to the wing piece in the outer turn. Is often (but not always!) mounted on a wall.

Outer edge rail

The railing in the outer turn.

End knob

Round wall guides can be finished with a turned knob.


See balusters.