How much does a staircase cost?

The classic question. How much a staircase costs depends entirely on what you are looking for. There are stairs in all price ranges, but if you are looking for our best price, you should look at the basic models.

The price for a staircase varies depending on several different things. Your choice of wood is perhaps the most decisive for the price picture, but of course the model is also important. For comparison, we can take our standard post No. 4 as an example. We can manufacture a customized semi-finished product for it and it is picked from the shelf, polished, cut based on the dimensions of your stairs, pre-drilled and surface treated. Manufacturing is rational, we manufacture many of the same type and we can use machines designed for the purpose.

It is our cheapest pole but still the price depends on the material you choose. A pole from the special category is made from plank to finished product by hand and production starts when you place the order. There are posts in our database that take 3-4 working days per piece to complete and this will of course affect the price of your stairs quite heavily.

Another thing that affects the price is the length of your arch rail. There will quickly be a difference in price if you have a 1 meter railing on the upper floor compared to a large open floor plan with perhaps a 5 meter railing. But if we start from the basic range and give the stairs fixed conditions, we can give a price example.

Staircase in the basic Solid 4.4.1 model with rising handrail on one side and wall handrail on the opposite side and 1.5 m arched edge handrail (upper level). The stairs are 14 steps high, which means between 2.4-2.5 m ceiling height + 30 cm joists.

Option 1

Wood type: entirely in pine

Surface treatment: white glaze L20

This model in that version costs (excl. assembly) approx. SEK 50,000 incl. VAT

Option 2

Wood species: Oak in steps and guides, other pine and pine/mdf

Surface treatment: Matt varnish on steps and handrails as well as white-painted wall pieces, posts and railing posts

The same model but with a different type of wood and alternative surface treatment costs (excl. assembly) approx. SEK 80,000 incl. VAT

If you have a drawing of your house, we recommend that you send a request to us or to yours nearest dealer for an exact price on the model and version you want.