Optional handling

More and more people want to be able to make personal choices when it comes to fixed furnishings for their newly built houses, and it is a matter of course that house manufacturers offer a choice between several different kitchen doors, bathroom furnishings or different types of floors and floor finishes. Designing your stairs in a personal way is just as natural. When you buy stairs from us, we are happy to help with optional handling.

Option management is a way for us to offer you and above all your customer to be able to make their mark by adding or replacing details in the stairs. Agreements are written on the stairs that are part of the house, but the end customer is given the opportunity to make additional choices based on an agreed assortment. We can come up with suggestions for options that suit the basic staircase, for example, it could be an upgrade in wood type, surface treatment or railing solutions. Or maybe there are other options that you want the stairs to be able to match. Then we put together a package based on your wishes and put it up so that you can easily request the new staircase model or optional detail for each individual customer.

We have pictures of many combinations and can usually offer either detailed or environmental pictures of the options we have agreed on. If you have your own optional catalogue, we are happy to supply pictures and information texts. We can also offer ready-made templates for optional handling.

Talk to our salespeople and they will help you find the best solution for end-customer solutions or be inspired by our recommended optional details under Products in the menu