Stair renovation

With ReStair® stair renovation, you can easily make your stairs look like new again. We offer a complete system that gives your stairs a new look while giving them the important features required to be functional and safe.

Renovate your old staircase

Stair renovation is a relatively simple way to refresh the look of an old staircase. Our renovation steps are 9 mm thick. This means that they contribute to increased stability while also being sandable. In other words, you get "two renovations in one". The material is also thick enough to reduce the risk of future problems – without being so thick that you experience problems with varying step heights or that the steps look clumsy.

Choose between three variants of front edge nose and between the types of wood oak and ash with different surface treatments.
You can also buy Restair® untreated.

Pre-assembled step boards

The flat step boards are delivered with pre-assembled stair noses which are available in three different designs. Each disc is normally enough for two levels. The Restair® system also includes riser boards if you have a tight staircase (vertical boards between the rungs). The riser boards can be delivered in white painted mdf or in the same design as the flat steps. The front edge covers step thicknesses up to 40 and 50 mm respectively.

Are you a seasoned do-it-yourselfer?

Then you can probably assemble your stair renovation yourself, but we recommend that you buy the assembly service from one of our dealers for the absolute best results.

Regardless of whether you intend to assemble yourself or buy the service, it is wise to measure a little roughly before you order so that you know what size you need for the step boards. Download our product sheet and fill in the measurement table. You can order either via our webshop or via one of our reseller.

To think of!

Renovating the stairs probably does not solve problems with, for example, creaks. If your stairs make noise - ask your dealer for advice. Always use the glue supplied with the renovation kit.

We offer matching wall guides according to your wishes!

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