STEPWIZE – Three steps to your finished staircase

It has never been easier and safer to buy a staircase. Just follow STEPWIZE three steps and you will soon be at the foot of a new staircase. We help you in everything from design selection to assembly so that the end result is guaranteed to be successful. STEPWIZE is our safe and simple process that helps you from start to finish.

With STEPWIZE, we hold your hand and guide you through the entire process from your initial design considerations to assembly and post-check.

We want to make it easy to choose so that you get the staircase you want. Then we make sure that the stairs are built and delivered according to your wishes, and if you want help with the assembly, we'll take care of that too. Simple, safe and secure.

STEPWIZE takes you straight to your new staircase solution.


STEPWIZE – Three steps to your finished staircase


Simple design choice. Choose one of our ready-made models that you will find below Products or create your own special staircase. Choose wood species and surface treatment which matches your other decor. We can help with suggestions for models or options that fit the model you have chosen.

You get safe planning by getting help early. Let's look at the floor plans before we draw anything up and you will get a staircase that meets the requirements and fits into the space offered. If you buy for assembly, we can also do the final measurements before the order, so you don't have to bear that responsibility.

Secured the bottom line by buy assembly services. Our installers come to your home, take down your old stairs if desired (in case of renovation) and install the new stairs. In this way, you can be sure that you get a completely correct installation, which also protects you in the event of problems.